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Biowarfare and Germwarfare

Recently attention has been given to Germ warfare. Bio warfare can also be recognised by the terminology of Germ warfare, nerve agent and bacteria agent . This technique Germ warfare,nerve agent and bacteria agent was used in war time earlier in order to debilitate humans with the help of viruses and bacteria disease . These viruses and bacteria disease are basically living organisms but viruses and bacteria agent disease are not considered alive but viruses and bacteria agent disease still have the ability to replicate while still living in their hosts body. Germ warfare ,nerve agent and bacteria agent disease was an emerging idea of that century. One of the types of Germ warfare used in wars is entomological (insect) warfare,nerve agent and bacteria agent disease. There are a certain ways of using Germ warfare,nerve agent and bacteria agent one of these ways is to use it as a gain strategy advantage from the enemy. This technique was mainly followed in 1900s. Its root originate from the time of world war one (1914 to 1918) in which the most popular diseases used as Germ warfare,nerve agent and bacteria agent disease were anthrax and glander by the German government to win the war. This idea quickly gained space people got very much impressed by the new idea of dealing with war so this technique was later on followed by many countries in world war two such as japan USA etc. So using different types of biological agents each different with every time.

Technical details of Bio warfare & Germ warfare

One of the ways or methods that were used to implement bio warfare was surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). It was used to identify or recognize compounds that were Raman active and other biological compounds that include viruses and bacteria disease cells etc. Another process that is practically used for Germ warfare ,nerve agent and bacteria agent delivery is either the dry or wet method. The dry method consists of small particles that contain good dissemination characteristics. The one and only advantage of the method is that it has greater quantity of storage capacity. This technique is highly sophisticated method for this purpose spray drying method or freeze method is applied which is in practice for a number of years in addition. Mainly aggressors are used for this purpose against the civilian population via the sprays or by contaminating the food along with water. One of the most convenient and commonly used methods is by means of aerosolized substances or agents in aerosol sprays. Basically what is done in this respect is that the industrial sprays that are used for insecticides are placed on a movable substance such as air-crafts. These aerosols sprays especially the ones that contain anthrax spores are more deadly and efficacious even if they are sprayed from a distance of about 200 km away from the target. This type of aerosol technology used in Germ warfare is called line source. Similarly there is another type of technology used which is a bit similar is the point source. This kind of device is stationary this is the only difference. Apart from these another new type of technology is introduced that is the again the point source but with a difference.

Types of Bio warfare & Germ warfare

With the immense increase in technology and its easy way of application now biological warfare are easily available for the use by smaller groups as well. The most common types that are used variably used as well as are conveniently present are as following.

  1. Nerve agents
  2. Blister agents
  3. Blood agents
  4. Bacterial agents
  5. Viral agents
  6. Toxic agents

Nerve Agents

There are a number of countries that were able to use this technology these include Japan that used sarin gas in the year 1985 in order to kill viruses and bacteria about a dozen of people and injured a heavy number of people in Tokyo as well. Another example is that of Iraq that had used the same gas to do war with Iraq in 1980s. One of the adverse effects of this deadly gas is vomiting then convulsions occur and then finally paralysis. Thus initiatinga and viruses and bacteria are series of death instantly. In order to avoid this kind of viruses and bacteria disease and its adverse effects some of the US militants used atropine injections as a precautionary measure but only if these injections were used real quickly than the effects of nerve gas could be avoided to great extent.

Blister Agents

The countries that were able to use this kind of technology included the Egypt and Yemen in the late 1960s and also during world war one. Not only was this but Iraq also able to use this technology in 1980s against its Kurdish rebels. Its adverse effects occur in about four to eight hour after exposure. These cause severe damaging of skin eyes as well as the lungs. The ever great weapon in this respect that was ever to be used was the mustard gas that caused these kinds of effects. And if the dosage of this gas that is being exposed was increased than it could easily and immediately cause death of the population being exposed of this gas. The immediate cause of the death could be by the effect caused on the respiration of the victim. An exceptional case was seen in world war one in those patients who got treatment immediately resulting in less adverse effects than those who were not treated immediately.

Blood Agents

One of the first countries that used this technology were France who used cyanide gas for the first time in history in world war one. Hence the second country that was able to use this technology was US in world war two. The working mechanism of this agent disease was that if it is inhaled than it causes immediate death in just about six to eight minutes without any further delay. This nerve agent and bacteria agent disease works efficiently by just coming in contact especially via blood or any kind of contacting fluid.

Bacterial Agents

One of the most feared viruses and bacteria agents disease and nerve agent is the anthrax. This is a deadly viruses disease and bacteria agent disease spreading nerve agent and bacteria that has the ability to kill as many as one million people at a time. Viruses and bacteria agent symptoms can last for about six days to one week it has a great resemblance with flu although it is quite different from flu. The only interesting aspect apart from its effects is that it can be cured by viruses and bacteria agents and nerve agent as well as antibiotics. One of the major advantages of this nerve agent and bacteria agent is that it spreads quickly and very easily.

Viral Agents

In case of viral nerve agents and bacteria Ebola virus and bacteria needs no introduction. This was one of the most deadliest viruses and bacteria ever made even now it was ableto make its first appearance in 1995 in zikwit Zaire that had killed as many as 245 people and was successful in affecting 316 people in a single attempt. The main cause of the spread of this viruses and bacteria disease any kind of contact with blood or other bodily fluids of any affected patient. This disease is also known by hemorrhagic fevers because of the major reason that it makes the patient to bleed uncontrollably. It has a number of symptoms that include the vomit diarrhea fever. These are the signs that appear in about 21 days after its exposure. Patients or the affected victims are most likely to die within a week. In order to be prevented from such a condition the Americans has now devised a system of vaccination that prevents their people from getting this kind of disease in the late 1980s. Thus as their name indicate not only they themselves are toxic but there effects are extremely toxic in nature.

Toxic Agents

This particular type of bio warfare works in food stuff or drinking materials. One of the most deadly substances that were used in this type includes the botulin toxin. These are given in the form of food or after its absorption as liquid or given as vapors in order to be inhaled. Its symptoms can easily be observed in about six to 48 hours only. Hence death of the affected person is also observed to be in about three to eight days as it is not sustainable. They are very much successful in creating havoc in any place they come in contact with.

Discussion about Bio warfare & Germ warfare

This technique has two major aspects one contains a brighter side of life and the other contains the darker side. Some people including the scientists believe that it is very unethical to use as it causes severe damage to humans. One of the advantages of this technique is that it is a great way of defending one own self as well as country. This technique has wide spread effects. This technique was able to gain interest in the early 1960s and was at a great height in 1980s. One of the reasons that this technique is used is that the using of the particles in this technique makes the Germ warfare agents to proliferate and also the fact it can reproduce rapidly which causes them to remain at the affected area causing recurring effects. Thus increasing the risk and causing more damage and leaving its effect for several days making the conditions of the victims worsen day by day. Whereas it adverse effects includes extreme damaging of skin along with respiratory diseases and direct effect to the brain. Another good aspect that leads to the usage of this technology is that it is relatively cheaper or less expensive thus making them of further use by many countries. Not only this but also the fact that it also helps in stimulating some of the effects of other endemic diseases.Furthermore creating more problems by worsening the conditions of the victims. Another fact that causes its likely hood of being used is that its property of being sprayed instead of being physically thrown or blasted causes it to be more convenient as this would reduce all the extra effort that is required for all that physical work that is required in normal wars. As they have many advantages so they also contain many disadvantages as well. They include the following aspects these are number one the aggressor forces are affected leading bad effects on their health. As well the fact that from the place they are being transmitted or sprayed upon is somehow also affected by the agents that are sprayed consequently affecting the people that are operating them as well. Thus one of the major disadvantages is this above explained fact. Another important fact that reduces its efficiency is that it requires the weather conditions to be appropriate otherwise this would not be applicable and could fail badly. So as the winds are required to blow the spray appropriately to the desired area. Another disturbing aspect of this technology is that some of the environmental factors that affect badly the organisms include temperature light etc. another thing that cannot be neglected is that once the biological organisms sprayed upon an area than that particular area would not be able to be inhibited for a longer period of time thus making that place no man land. One the thinking aspects also includes that once an area has been infected with already a deadly Germ warfare than there is very less likely hood that the second Germ warfare would have an affect or an adverse effect either greater or equal to that of the previously spayed agent. Another major disadvantage of this technology as already explained is that this technology is not liked by many people and in fact is a matter of question to some people. Hence this matter is still not resolved that whether to use this technology or not whether it would be beneficial or massive destruction.Not only this but using this technology frequently and without any precautionary measures damages the environment by creating a lot of environmental pollution affecting the whole world in this respect. Not only this but the scientists and other people are working together in order to save this technology from several people those who can use this technology to bring chaos without any reason such as the terrorists. One of the examples of this is the US who were being sabotaged in order to attain this technology this country is a very h3 country still it became difficult to defend themselves but somehow they managed to do so from this very point it was decided that strict security measures are very necessary to be applied and they were applied to some extent.


Hence it is concluded that this technology should be avoided as much as possible as it has many severe life taking and threatening irreversible effects. This technology should only be used in extreme but apart from this there are many countries that are trying to attain this technology and to make it go to its peak but still there are some friendly countries that oppose the idea of using such hazardous technology that creates a havoc not only on the country that it is being practiced upon but also effects the country that uses this technology equally. Conditions in order to only defend the country thats all. And even then it should be used once only to alarm the enemies that this present technology can be re used if the violence of a country law and order has been observed by another country. This has become a topic of discussion under certain rules of humanity as some peace loving countries or the countries that are not able to use this technology tends to repent it and greatly oppose its use. Also the fact that it affects the environment in a worse way the usage of this technology should be prohibited in favor of the whole world.

Suggestions to Secure Humanity

According to me the use of such technology should be prohibited in universal favor. And if not than the usage of this technology should be limited and to only be applied in extreme cases. This technology should be modified in such a way that it has a temporary minimum amount of effect so that adverse effects are prevented and for the fact that whenever a particular country needs defense this technology could be used to scare or stop the enemies from further proceeding towards war conditions.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 10-12-16
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