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Biohack Eyes through Chlorin e6 eye drop :Stanford University Research

Bio hack eyes are the eyes retina which are able to see objects at night that is they are capable of night vision. Night vision is actually an interesting phenomenon because it is a sensation of uniqueness in the modern world. No super human being in this world is capable of night vision. But modern science has made it possible for human being being capable of night vision. Our eyes retina are remarkable thing because they adapt a wide range of night vision in brightness. Eyes retina are sensitive to light and thus they adjust automatically their illumination. Super Human eye retina can function so effectively in brightness as much as 1000000000 times. Bio hacker has made night vision possible by inventing an eye drops which night vision possible.

How Bio hack eyes see objects at night:

Developing night vision his wonderful approach of biological science. There are two types of receptors in human eye retina rods and cones. Rods are specified for night vision and cones are specified for day time vision visual acuity and color perception. In super human eye retina rods are weak as compared to cones and hence super human eye retina has less range of night vision and wide range of day time vision or light vision. The rods in super human eye retina reach a maximum concentration of about 17 degrees of total central night vision. Rods and cones have different sensitivities to visible wavelengths of light. Visual acuity of visual focus reduces at night vision due to low light. At night vision green light appear brighter than red light this is the reason why we are unable to see objects at night vision. If we want to use light at night vision the best option is to use red light.

How Bio hacker has made night vision possible using Chlorine e6 eye drops:

Night vision is made possible by using chlorine e6 eye drops and bio hacker which are still experimenting on these chlorine e6 eye drops whether it is harmful or useful for super human eye. The bio hacker actually gets the idea of night vision through CHLORINE e6 which is used to treat night blindness. It all begins with the dragon fish. This fish is found in deep sea. It has a strange thing about protein rhodopsin found in eye retina that is it is sensitive to green light but they were responding more to red light which help them in night vision. Actually their eyes retina contains chlorophyll derivates which absorb red light and make them sensitive to red light. Bio hackers first injected chlorophyll derivatives into mice. Mice ended up in being more sensitive to red light.

The bio hackers has made chlorine e6 eye drops which develop night vision temporarily in super human eye. Retina The main ingredient of these chlorine e6 eye drops is chlorine e6 eye drops others are dimethylesulfoxide and insulin to the saline solution. They has created their own concoction by mixing chlorine e6 eye drops with dimethylesulfoxide DMSO and insulin in saline water. When this mixture is absorbed by retina of eye they made it black for some time. It hurts for a while but after sometime it becomes normal. It sounds like a something science fiction movie but it is the vastness of developing science. It actually creates a microscopic chemical that amplifies low light sources as they pass through. Bio hackers devote their spare time to testing the limits of super human body.

The group called science of masses wanted to see the effect of chlorine e6 eye drops. They experimented on volunteer from one of their biochemistry researcher Gabriel Licina. He was volunteered to be the guinea pig. Bio hackers team outstretched and drop chemicals into his retina. It appears black first but after that it dissolves into the eye. After sometime Gabriel figured out person standing between so many trees or woody area up to 50 meters in complete darkness. It was so fascinating because it has increased light amplification and may have adverse affects on the cellular structures of eye if improperly used or some chemical mixtures may not be used on super humans and animals. The first experiment was successful. Bio hackers were succeeded in developing night vision in super human eye. It was a great step towards the development in biological sciences. Their purpose of study was merely research and informative purpose. They just want a step ahead towards modern future and modern biological science. Licina and his co workers had been doing a long term study especially using vitamin A2 to extend super human vision and especially night vision into the infrared when they heard about chlorine e6 eye drops.

Drawbacks of Chlorine e6 eye drops and effect on Retina:

Bio hackers are perfect example of where science and biology can go and by providing temporary night vision could be used for the betterment of the world. These chlorine e6 drops may have adverse affects. But it did not showed any signs and symptoms up to 20 days. It is also referred to as placebo effect. Placebo eye drop is not going to make things which physically not visible by aided eye but they make confident on the things where are seeing by you in the darkness of night. Fuzzy shapes in the dark and willingness to rely on the gut can make a difference. Chlorine e6 eye drops is actually injected directly into the bloodstream but in this case it is dropped into the retina of eye. Administering chlorine e6 drops is not a particularly effective way to get drugs to the retina. The chlorine e6 eye drop was dropped into the eye by the pipette. Baseline testing is so important because without testing the super human before and after the chlorine e6 eye drops we cannot say that it has made some difference. Without this baseline test we can also say that may be Gabriel might have naturally better night vision. So there is no better way or any other way to show that these chlorine e6 eye drops had made some difference.

As we know GOD has blessed us with only two eyes. Eye are essential part of our body we must not risk them at any cost. But we cannot deny the development of science which is also for the betterment of super human beings. They made these chlorine e6 eye drops just to make super humans eye capable of night vision. But the idea of using modern and improved science to extend capabilities of human beings at the risk of their natural blessings is actually a deal that we are making to make our future more better and more developed. these types of projects are high tech wearable means it is an issue and we are always making deals for our future at the costs of our present and our natural abilities. But by using these chlorine e6 eye drops we can increase our night vision. These chlorine e6 eye drops can be used by our soldiers by our armies. They help them to see in darkness of night. No doubt if these chlorine e6 eye drops are successfully experimented by the bio hackers they would create havoc. This would be a great success in the field of biology by the bio hackers.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 05-29-16
Springer with the Collaboration of LearnRnd
Source URL:http://www.learnrnd.com/detail.php?id=Biohack_Eyes_through_Chlorin_e6_eye_drop_:Stanford_University_Research

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