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BioHacking Of Eyes

Bio hacking is a new technique that has brought major change in the lives of the people. It is also known as do- it -yourself-biology. There are different types of bio hacking such as: hacking of age, hacking the thoughts, hacking of brain, hacking the diet, hacking of eyes etc. A bio hacking group in California has able to make eye drops that give human being excellent vision in dim light. It was found in deep sea fishes, which helps them to find their way under water.

What is the Technique?

The main technique in Bio hacks to find their way under water. The main technique in this eye drop solution is chlorine e6 (Ce6). Chlorine used as a photo synthesizer in cancer treatment. The mixture consists of Ce6 and insulin in saline. Hence, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) can also be used instead of insulin. This solution is dropped in the eyeball which is absorbed by the retina. According to the researchers the black color appeared is temporary. This technique was first applied on a person named Gabriel Licinina. He was told to wear sun glasses and then recognize people up to 50 m away in total darkness. Hence, he was able to recognize the people. In the morning eyesight to be normal and there were no side effects. The next project of this group is to use Ganzfeld simulator and electrocardiograph which measures the level of electrical stimulation and activity of eye. This activity would give the researchers the proof that their Ce6 solution is working properly.

    Hence, this technique is very useful. It used to treat the people who have poor night vision. It is also useful for the soldiers to see a person standing far away from them.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 03-09-16
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