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Benefits of Water

Water is one of the largest blessing we have. It is an essential part of our daily lives. It provides numerous benefits to our bodies. As a bonus, it has no sugar, fat, calories or carbohydrates. Consuming eight to ten glasses of water is necessary to live a healthy life. Some benefits of water of are explained below:

During summer, most of the water from our body is lost due to sweating and drinking water prevents us from getting dehydrated. If a person is dehydrated even one to two percent. this dehydration causes negativity and effects the mood of a person. Dehydration also causes weakness in ability to thinking, reasoning.

Treatments from water intake:

Water also speeds up the process of metabolism. Increased blood volume results from increased water level which in turn, increases the transportation of oxygen to the cell of bodies and it causes the metabolic rate to become optimal. Hence, the cells of the body work more properly if intake of water is more. If cells don't get enough oxygen due to loss of water, it can cause fatigue. During exercises drinking water helps in maintaining the fluids of the body hence, preventing fatigue. Water greatly helps in increasing digestion. Water helps our skin look healthier. Drinking more water increases the flow of blood to capillaries which helps the skin to look healthier. It also provides moisture to the skin and causes our skin to look fresh, smooth and glowing. Drinking water prevents the skin from looking dry and from getting wrinkles.

It also treats the scars, lines and other pimples formed on skin. Dehydration often causes headaches and migraines. Keeping your hydration levels to normal helps prevent these types of problems. Research has shown drinking water reduces the headaches and migraines. Common cause of constipation is dehydration. Drinking more water is its treatment. The color of urine is a good indicator of dehydration. If the color of urine is dark, it indicates the presence of dehydration in body. Drinking water helps in energizing the muscles and keeps our body and mind healthy. Bad breath is a clear indication that your body is not consuming enough water. Drinking water helps to wash away the bacteria in our mouth and keep it moist. Research has shown that drinking more water reduces the chances of developing bladder cancer by fifty percent, colon cancer by forty five percent and breast cancer. Drinking water prevents the uterine carcinogens to accumulate in the bladder hence reducing the rate of bladder cancer.

Drinking water helps in regulating the temperature of the body. Drinking water helps kidney in excreting the waste products from the body and maintaining body fluids. Drinking water is the best treatment of getting rid of kidney stones. Drinking water protects our joints and ligaments. Fluids keeps our joints lubricated. It also protects our tissues and spinal cord. Research has shown that heart disease can be reduced by large intake of water. Chronic dehydration can also result in asthma, autoimmune disorders, allergies, type II diabetes. In conclusion, drinking water prevents many deadly diseases and helps in living a normal and healthy life.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 05-20-16
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