Art is for art sake or for man sake
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Art is for art sake or for man sake

The phrase art is for art sake condenses the notion that art has its own value should be judged apart from any themes which might touch on such as morality religion history or politics. I really hope to inspire you that are the role of art play in the society? We can’t declare the importance of the art and can’t say that art is an unnecessary necessity. Imagine for a moment the world without art and culture without music without dance buildings literature poetry .The world would be a very dull place. Without art the banality of reality would be intolerable we can’t express our thoughts imaginations dreams without art. Art is too engaged with the society at large.

I believe that art is for art sake is insufficient. I want to talk about another type of art that is the art we called the socially and politically engaged art.

The art has a very long history to engage with the political. Art is insane of political either is about person’s views and freedom to act them. So art is always taking a position.

 What can art do? Why it is important? It is very difficult to explain how art is categorized and how it functions. It is impossible to both qualify and quantify how art affects those who see it because it works in mysterious latent and in a very settle ways.

The art allows something that cannot be defined. Therefore one can never be predict the ways in which it effect people , change people’s mind or influence their behavior as such it has a settle power that it changes the world one perception at a time.

The art is optimistic because it makes the statement that one person can change the even if the world exist on a tiny piece of paper 5 by 7 inches. Art is an act of communication in a small way saying I make the world I don’t simply inherit. In making this world what does art do then art can change way of thinking. It can given challenges to the other it can give challenges to the other. It can tell that such things that we can’t escape from. The art testes the human imagination. It gives voice to the other with the capital O. Art can change the world not at a macro level but at a micro level therefore it cannot be measured.

Open your eyes to art and surprise to you self.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 05-30-16
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