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And the Mountains Echoed:Complete Summary and Critical Analysis

The name of the author is Khalid Husseini, He basically belongs to Afghanistan but was relocated to California in 1980 by Afghan Foreign Ministry. He graduated from high school in 1984 and later earned a bachelor’s degree in biology in 1988. Though Hossieni has practiced internal medicine since 1996, he yearned to write. His memories of the peaceful Pre – Soviet era of Afghanistan led him to write.


The writer considers pain love and familial love to be the primary themes of And The Mountains Echoed The separation of two siblings Abdullah and pari is the heart of the book

Summary and Critical Analysis

The story revolves around two siblings Abdullah and Pari  The novel begins with Abdullah and Pari traveling with their father Saboor to the neighboring town of Kabul The main purpose of their fathers arrival to Kabul is revealed later The purpose was to sell his daughter  to some rich family so that he can buy basic necessities for his family Saboors one child had already died because of the brutal winter without adequate heat in the house  Saboor has agreed to sell Pari to Nila and Suleiman Wähdati a wealthy couple who are unable to have children of their own The adoption is coordinated by the brother of paris stepmother  Nabi He works for Wahdatis  Abdullah and Pari are very close and are heartbroken at the separation Pari along with her mother moves to Paris because of her fathers severe Illness  They have been told that Suleiman had died but in reality he was alive and was being looked after by Nabi  When Suleiman dies he inherits the house and property from Suleiman but the wealth is more then he needs  He lends the house to people who volunteer in various capacities  helping the people of Kabul One of the them is surgeon named Marcos He is from Greece  A girl named Talia becomes his friend who was once attacked by a dog and in this process lost a large portion of her lower face They are uneasy with each other at first but come to be best friends She encourages his love of photography and Marcos eventually becomes a surgeon Abdullah then marries a girl named sultana and they had a daughter whom they named pari in memory of his lost sister As Nabi nears the end of his life he writes a letter to Marcos who is living in Nabi’s house He tells him about pari s adoption and asked him to find her after his death  Marcos then tracks pari and then she learns the truth about her biological parents  And On the other hand Sultana had died and Abdullahs mind has withered to the point that he doesnt remember her    Pari makes a trip to USA And reconnects with her niece pari  As the book comes to close Abdullahs daughter and sister meet in Paris where young pari prepares to meet her cousins for the first time.

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