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An Ember in the Ashes:Novel Summary,Analysis and All Research Findings

Laia is a scholar living with her grandparents and brother under the rule of the Martial Empire. She and her family lived in the backstreets of the Empire. Elias: The finest soldier at Black cliff Military Academy. He wants to be free from the tyranny he is being trained to enforce. Helena: Helene Aquilla is the only female student of the Blackcliff Academy and also best friend to Elias. Commandant: The Commandant is cruel head of the military academy Black cliff, and is considered one of the most powerful people in the Empire. Summary An Ember in the Ashes is an epic fantasy novel. In the beginning, Laia learns that her brother is working for resistance. Raiders come to arrest her brother and in the chaos kill her grandparents. She decides she must find the Resistance so that they can help her save her brother. When she finds them they agree to help her. Meanwhile Elias is preparing to run away from military school. He has been training since he was very young to be a Mask(powerful and strong military leader). He is sympathetic to those outside the Martial race as he was raised by Tribal foster parents because his mother abandoned him shortly after he was born. Elias is friends with another Mask, a girl named Helene. He has some feelings towards her. His plans to run away are ruined when he is chosen for the Trials that will select the next Emperor. He is chosen by the Augurs who are immortal beings. At the request of the Resistant, Laia agrees to be sent to the military school as a house maid for mother of Elias, the Commandant. She will be a spy for the Resistance and in exchange the Resistance will eventually help her brother escape if she cooperates. Laia and Elias finally meet when Laia is delivering a message to him. Elias helps Laia get out of trouble. Elias faces four Trials during the Emperor selection. Laia hears the Commandant talking to someone called the Night bringer(a Jenn and the only one left after the ancient Scholars imprisoned the others). He is looking for revenge on the Scholars by aligning with the Martials. Everything falls apart when the Commandant comes to know that Laia is a Resistance spy. Laia is taken to the Resistance where she finds that they never had any intention of helping her find her brother. Her brother is actually in a faraway prison called Kauf. The Resistance also played right into the Commandants plans because it was her wish that the current emperor die. The Resistance was responsible and the Commandant, through Laia, was the one to feed them the information they needed to do it. In the end, Helena helps Laia and Elias in their escape. Laia and Elias leave with the intention to go free the brother of Laia from Kauf prison.
Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 03-21-16
Springer with the Collaboration of LearnRnd
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