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All Findings and Summary of the Novel:ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE

ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE 2 Marie who is now 89,she had a daughter name Helene and a grandson name Michel. Michel is a very intelligent boy and like his grandfather wants to be a scientist.Marie loves his grandson very much.at night she used to tell him stories of world war and her childhood and also tell him about her participation in a war, her life in saint-malo time passes by now Michel is 24 and become a successful scientist in France. Marie become ill and goes vain and very weak .one day she goes out of the home alone and strikes with a car. people on the spot bring her to the hospital but she dies due to excessive blood lose in this old age. Michel is very upset and sad due to death of her grandmother. now Helene thinks about the marriage of her son so that he comes out of this trauma. one day she meet a girl in a market name Angelina who is very sweet and beautiful, and Helene likes her very much. she tell her son about Angelina and at last married her son with Angelina. After marriage Angelina proves Helene that she made a good decision. she helped in household work and also continue her job as a manager in a private firm. they live happily. after some time god give her a son name max.max is a very sweet boy. one day Angelina and max are in a market and a bomb blasts there.max dies on the spot. she is totally depressed. she resign from the job and indulge herself in an unhealthy activities. she starts drinking and taking drugs she come back to home late night and do not spend time with her husband or mother in law. she become totally changed, now she become heartless and goes very weak.in her drug addiction ,she goes far away she left her home and now she starts dealing with drugs.Michel search her everywhere, in her friends home and other relatives where she used to go.at last Michel found her when one day she was caught by the police when she was dealing a drug deal.police call Michel in a police station and than she get a refuge from police. Michel is very upset for her.he calls his mother and tell her all about Angelina. Helene takes her to a psychiatrist, which give her a medicines and ask Helene to busy her in healthy activities. Helene starts living with Angelina and spends all the day with her. brings her to her friends home so that she remains busy. than at one night she tell Angelina the story of her mother (Marie) that at a very young age she goes blind and afterwards she lost her father and remain alone in the whole world except her grand uncle and how she faces the world and world war and in spite of her blindness she lives the life bravely and play her significant role in a society.Angelina thinks about all of this ,takes a lesson and get out of all this situation. She rejoins her job and again become a responsible member of a society. god give her a beautiful daughter name Alex and Angelina lives happily with her husband ,daughter and mother in law. She opened a charity home especially for a child with disabilities on the name of Marie. She starts writing a book on the sufferings of the two nation in the second world war with special refrance to her husbands grandmother Marie and soon published it which become very famous among the people of France in a few days and got a national prize in the history books. now she has a son also name jack. she joins politics to expand her welfare works.she become a cabinet member and opened free education centers and health centers for needy people and with disabilities. she become very famous among the young generation and people starts liking her.Michel is very happy for her and supports her in her every decision which is good for the mankind.her daughter and son grows up, now they are young individual and help her mother in her work.Alex become a doctor and jack join her mother in politics. Helene died at this time as she had a carcinoma of blood which is no more curable due to her old age. media persons wants to pictures Angelina life so that everyone get an inspiration from her. At this instance she meet a jutta son (sister of Werner penning who is a German boy and saves the life of Marie in saint-malo during second world war) who is famous director and producer of fiction movies and also finding a person who can illustrate him the history of second world war. he is also very much impressed by her book related to this topic.she agrees to write a story for him. he tell her to give a touch of love in a story so that people takes interest and also know the other aspects of war in which not only two pieces of land are destroyed but different hearts are also separated which are join by the strong of love. in this respect she give reference of Marie and Werner love and war separated them. Michel continue to discover different things as he is a scientist. Alex also become a successful doctor and jack is now become a experienced politician. after alot a of tiresome work Angelina now wants to take a break. she busy herself in household work and spend all the time with family. at night she used to listen some soft music by sitting on a rolling chair. as the chair moves all the memories of her previous life come in to her mind.she thinks about what she lost and what she gain in her life. she visits beautiful places of the world with Michel and spend time by enjoying the beauty of nature and feel herself as a part of it.at the end she is sitting with her granddaughter in a park and tell her all about her life that how she loses her strength and how she get it back and what lesson she get from her life. she always used to tell other that the happiness which she get from helping others give her real relaxation and be selfless and live life for others. this is the main reason god make this earth and messengers on it which tell the people the real path of living life by helping others and be brave, as sorrow and happiness are the parts of life and give us lesson which help us in making our future life successful.
Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 04-11-16
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