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3D printing usage in medical domain

3D printing is a process for making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many successive thin layers of a material. It starts with making a virtual design of object, wants to create. This virtual design is made in CAD (computer aided design). A 3D scanner makes a digital copy of an object. It uses different technologies to generate 3D model such as time of flight, structured modulated light and many more.Medical application for 3D printing are expanding rapidly. There are many Medical uses of 3D printing.

Some of the most incredible uses of 3D printing are developing within the medical field and in making of medicine , scientists and researchers have successfully printed kidney cells, sheets of cardiac tissue and medicines that beat like real heart and foundations of human liver, among many other organ tissues.And this also give help in making medicines .There is a very common use of 3D printing in medical devices from which medicine are also made.

Stem cells have amazing regenerative properties they can reproduce many different kinds of human tissues. Now stem cells are being bio printed in several university research and medical labs. Now skin grafting printing can be applied directly onto burn victims, skin cancer patients and other kind of diseases that affect the epidermis. Bio engineering student from university of British Columbia won a prestigious award for 3D printing of new and extremely effective type of surgical smoke evacuator. Other surgical tools have been 3D printed include forceps, hemostats and clamps. In the same way tissues and types of organs cells are being printed and studied such as medical engineering would allow for better drug and medicine testing, cancer cell analyzing and therapy development. With developments in 3D and bio printing it may even be a possibility within our lifetime that a cure for cancer is discovered.

It has several disadvantages, as with all the new technologies, manufacturing jobs will decrease. This disadvantage will have large impact to the economies of third world countries, especially china that depend on a large number of low skills jobs. With 3D printing becoming more common in medical field , the printing of copy righted products to create counterfeit items will becoming more common and nearly impossible to determine. One of the dangerous aspects of 3D printers is that they will be used to create more useless stuff and medicine that is bad for the environment.3D printing in medicine can provide many benefits .The customization of medical products with the help of 3D printing

Even though the initial setup cost are higher, 3D printing become cheaper than cheap in third world countries, cost of 3D printing are still decreasing. 3D printing in medical can revolutionize health care and can be useful or not in use of medicine .The technology used for 3D printing medical devices id power bed fusion. Widespread of use of 3D printing technology will increase the demand for designers to operate 3D printers. More engineers are needed to design and build 3D printers which lead to the more job opportunities in medical field . The long and often traumatic wait for an organ donor could come to an end with advances in bio printing or manufacture of 3D printed organs. Research is on to create bio printers that can create living organs along the structural lattice for the organ using the patient own cells and tissues.

Author :Center for Recent Innovations - European Union
Pulished date: 05-29-16
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